Saturday, March 28, 2015

Well, It's time for me to get back to work on the decks.

Ronin’s hull is finished and painted. It was completed yesterday afternoon with the shear stripe being the last item painted. Earlier this week, after days of painstaking effort required to level the boat and scribe the boot stripes Charlie shot them with Awlcraft Carinthia Blue, which like the hull paint color, I shamelessly copied from a member of the C&C list who painted his boat.

Nonetheless, the amount of time that Charlie took to get the lines perfect was impressive. Like everything else, perfect.

We talked a good bit about the placement. With the boat fully rigged, water tanks filled and all the cushions and gear onboard, the waterline was right at the factory “copper line.” Because of this the white gelcoat just above the waterline was constantly getting stained and at times had growth on it. I was tired of constantly wiping it down as part of cleaning the bottom.

In the future we will do a fair amount of cruising and the loading will increase, putting the water line above the factory line. I thought that raising it three inches would be the ticket but Charlie was concerned that it would be too high and look bad. After thinking about it and trying to visualize what it would look like I realized he was correct. 

Final outcome is that we moved it up two inches.

Boot stripe taping:

DSC 0094

IMG 1021

The paint went on using only two coats as compared to the three coats required for the hull paint, Another beautiful piece of work.

Boot stripes under the stern:

DSC 0122

I had originally envisioned using the same Carinthia Blue for the shear stripe but the more I rolled that around in my head the less I liked the idea. I felt that it would be too “strong” and take away from the light color of the hull. At the last minute I had the yard order a quart of Awlcraft Pale Gold and that was shot onto the taped shear stripe.

I think that the final product is pretty nice looking. Can’t wait until next week when we roll the hull out of the shed so I can see it in natural light.

Lot’sa gold...

IMG 1027

DSC 0106

DSC 0109DSC 0114

Classic C&C:

DSC 0120

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