Monday, March 16, 2015

Week Seven - Almost ready to paint the hull.

 Well, we’re just about set to paint the hull. It has been sanded, primed, board-sanded, primed again and sanded yet again with the final sanding using 400 grit paper. Run your eye down the lines of the hull and it is smooth and fair. Ready to be washed, solvent washed and painted.

 Final, final sanding and prep:

IMG 5074


DSC 0029

400 Grit Fair

I’m still working on the cabin sole project. I did some repair work in the bad routing edge in the main cabin pieces and set them aside. I ordered some 1/4” by 3/4” teak edge strips for the matchboard cutouts. While waiting for those to arrive, I started laying on the first two base coats of gloss Awlwood over a single coat of primer.

Having used regular varnish in the past I have to say I am already impressed with the AwlGrip product. It goes on well, flows extremely nicely and frankly, two coats look like 4 of standard varnish. It should because AwlWood is not cheap.

The directions call for the first two coats to be sanded between applications but the rest of the coats can be “hot-brushed” which will shorten the completion time tremendously. We’ll see.

Repair work:

DSC 0006

Primer application:

DSC 0007

Primer on the left, first coat gloss on right:

Primer Left 1st Gloss Right

Sanding the gloss coats:

Better Sand on 2nd Gloss

Adding the teak edging:

Adding Teak Edge Strips to Floorboards

Teak Edge on Sole

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