Monday, March 16, 2015

The paint goes on...

The weather provided us with a break and stayed reasonably warm with low humidity. With that weather window, the paint went on today, Monday, March 16th.

I showed up to pretty much to observe how an expert sets his tools, what good techniques are employed and to see the art of shooting AwlCraft. It was really interesting and extremely informative. Charlie explained everything he was doing and why. I stayed out of his way as much as possible.

So after three coats of AwlCraft 2000 in a custom grey color, I am really pleased. There were no problems or mishaps. The paint went on perfectly. Charlie was done by 1:00 PM.

So, to the pictures.

Washing the shed and walls for dust control:

IMG 0900

Solvent washing the hull:

IMG 0906

Mixing the paint and prepping the 3M PPS paint system:

IMG 0928

Last tack wipe-down for overspray and dust:

IMG 0932


IMG 0945

IMG 0951

IMG 0957

IMG 0966

IMG 0996

And the final product, still curing….

IMG 1006

IMG 1008

IMG 1010

IMG 1016

So, we closed shop and made sure no-one went in and ran their grimy hands across the paint.

Police line:

IMG 1018

So, another big project item that is on its way to being completed. Taping and painting the sheer and boot stripes will be next.

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