Monday, March 30, 2015

Sixty-three days later, out of the shed.

Ronin was rolled out of the shed, driven through the yard and placed on jack stands, ready for me to get back to prepping the decks for painting.

As expected, the color looked nicer, more bluish, when exposed to natural sunlight. Close inspection of the reflected images of masts on boats in the yard showed how clear and fair the hull was. Stunning really. A few nice words from the local watermen and others when she came out of the shed were appreciated.

Before we could move the boat back to her place in the yard we needed to move the keel. This is due to the fact that I am going to purchase a metal and fabric shed in order to finish the deck work and there’s no reason to put the rudder and keel back on. Much easier to work on for these old knees...

Charlie found some 1/2” steel plate, fired up the cutting torch and started fabricating some lifting eyes. I went home and grabbed a couple of the keel bolt nuts. With the lifting eyes attached to some lengths of chain, Charlie drove the Travel-lift over to the keel, I attached the lifting eyes and off we went to place the keel next to the mast.

Don’t drop this on your foot...

DSC 0133

DSC 0147

After moving the keel it was time to pull the boat out of the shed. Pretty straightforward process but it sure looked better after coming out.

Before and after:

DSC 0128

DSC 0177

After moving the boat back to her yard spot, I put a couple of covers over some open parts of the deck and left for home. It’s nice to have another major item ticked off.

Boat tractor:

DSC 0166

Perfect work:

DSC 0200

Back into the yard:

DSC 0235

DSC 0237

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