Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week Six - No break in the weather.

It has continued to be unremittingly cold in the Mid-Atlantic. Snow and ice with sub-freezing temperatures in March. I’m well tired of it...

DSC 0124

Charlie and I keep working on our respective tasks necessary for painting and the refit. Early in the week he worked on finishing sanding the second application of high-build primer and AwlFair fairing compound. The hull is, well, quite fair. On Friday I showed up to get some pictures and he had just completed washing the hull and shed in preparation for spraying the first coat of white base AwlGrip 545 Epoxy Primer.

Before leaving work to enjoy his weekend, he sprayed the hull. Things are progressing nicely on his end.

Washed, re-taped and ready for the AwlGrip 545 primer:

DSC 0137

DSC 0138

As Charlie was working I spent as much time as I could working on the cabin sole project. Because of extremely low temperatures keeping my shed at recommended temperatures for applying epoxy was a hit-or-miss affair. I was able to tape the edges of the cabin sole inserts and apply West System epoxy to the edges. My wife and I had to run up to Annapolis for a day to attend a memorial service for the mother of a dear friend of ours on Friday.

Saturday the temperatures actually rose above freezing so I fired up the propane heaters and got the temperatures in my shed above 60F. After some more grinding and routing on the underside of some of the pieces, I mixed up some West System and applied it to the undersides of the flooring. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough to complete the work so only the main cabin floor boards were coated. I’ll get more on Monday. I have two gallons of System Three epoxy that hasn’t been opened yet but I’m saving that for another larger project.

Floorboards with epoxied edges:

DSC 0116

DSC 0118

Ronin’s hull after the AwlGrip 545 Epoxy Primer application:

DSC 0139

DSC 0142

The famous C&C star...

DSC 0149

Applying West System to the underside of the floorboards:

DSC 0154 

DSC 0158 

‘Warmer” weather on tap for next week...

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