Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Hull Starts To Comes Off

Another quick (and sporadic post) after being away from the boat for the past 6 weeks. Holidays, flu and medical mission work in the Dominican Republic. And cold weather.

Anyway, I had the bottom paint blasted off in early January prior to removing the keel.

I spent the past day and a half frabricating bracing for the keel. Today we unbolt the keel, remove the rudder although I’m not sure about that one yet, and move the hull into the shed for painting.

Pictures of the bracing for now. 

Made out of pressure treated 4X4’s, 2X4’s and lag bolts.

First draft:

DSC 0043  

Final product:

DSC 0052DSC 0055

I’ll post pictures of the removal tonight. If all goes well...


  1. Dave,
    Wow, what an impressive project. Thanks for sharing.
    I have a C&C30-2 down in D'ville. I've sailed into Reedville many times, but I've not been to your yard there.
    Perhaps, I can stop by in near future and see the results of all your hard work.

    Pete W.

    1. Pete,

      Feel free to stop by any time you like. I'll give you the "tour." I'm in Reedville about 80% of the month and can be reached at home on 804-453-5166 and cell 703-402-8102. Best, Dave