Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week Four - Cold Sanding

For this week not much to really show in terms of photos. Progress is being made, much of it with the board file and large sander.

There are several hard (high) spots, particularly on the port side. Charlie is steadily working them down and making the hull fair. Work continues.

This past week we in the Mid-Atlantic have been in the grip of record low temperatures along with snow. Despite a “snow day” when work stopped at the yard, we’re still roughly on schedule. If the temperatures increase sufficiently next week then another layer of primer will be applied. Afterwards, well, more sanding of course.

Hard spots (grey areas) along the port hull:

DSC 0009

Sanded all the way to the fiberglass:

DSC 0010

Close-up of board file results:

DSC 0008

More filling and fairing of cracks at the waterline:

DSC 0011

Shot of the dock with frozen creek:

DSC 0061

Let’s hope for a change in the weather...

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